Mid-Iowa Interviewing, Inc, was founded in 1971 predominately doing door to door as a data collection method along with store audits.  In the early 80’s MII added mall intercept as a service moving to a permanent mall location which included a focus facility.   In 1991 the company was purchased by Doug Brown and in 1993 an additional mall facility was added to the operation.   As mall intercept began to decline the company exited the mall intercept business and moved to a new location, concentrating on their focus facility, recruiting, phone, and face-to-face interviewing services.

Every year has presented new challenges in the market research industry and 2020 has been no exception.   The Covid-19 virus has and will change the industry but to what degree has yet to be determined.  That’s why at MII we feel it is paramount to be flexible and adaptable to meet these challenges and our client’s needs.  We continue to be locally owned and managed.  Doug Brown will soon be starting his 30th year with MII.  Our goal is to be more than a vendor but a partner in our client’s success.