Participants Wanted

We are looking for  Iowa college or Iowa community college students to participate in an in-person advertising study.  Some may be done online. Participants will watch several TV commercials and share their reactions with us.

During the study, you will be presented with videos and asked to either click using a mouse to answer survey questions or speak your answers verbally to be recorded and transcribed by the interviewer.

  • A small device will be placed on your wrist, much like an athletic monitoring band. The device has sensors that will be placed on your fingers with Velcro straps that are connected to the device attached to your wrist.
  • A webcam will be attached to a monitor in front of you and will record your reactions to what you view on the computer screen.

A microphone will record your verbal feedback to open-ended survey questions. The interviewer may also type notes to transcribe your answers. The interview will take approximately 30 minutes and qualified participants will be paid.

If interested in participating, please complete the following information.  Based on your answers one of our scheduled wills contact you.